Show Your Support

The strength of the SHARE Negotiating team relies on participation by the whole community. It’s important for all SHARE members to be part of the ongoing conversation about negotiations. Here are some things you can do now to be involved:

  1. Print a poster to hang in your work area.

  2. Share Your Story!

  3. Tell about the good things your co-workers are doing !

  4. Print and personalize a DIY poster with your own job title. Then! Gather up your friends, take a photo of yourselves with your posters, and send them to SHARE (we’ll post them in galleries online, display them in exhibitions, and use them in other creative ways to show the important roles that SHARE members play in our hospital.)

  5. Follow SHARE on Facebook.

  6. Wear a SHARE button or badge reel.

  7. Read the Negotiations updates on the SHARE blog. Look to the blog for information about how you can participate in the conversation about Negotiations. The Negotiating team will provide general information to the blog, and announce opportunities to discuss the process in more detail.

  8. Of course, you can always call the SHARE office with thoughts or questions. Contact us at 508-929-4020.

  9. Take a couple of minutes to appreciate all of the people, and all of the SHARE job titles, who take care of Central Massachusetts, and keep UMass Memorial Hospital running smoothly . . .