UMass Memorial Works Because We Do

We’re 2600 SHARE caregivers in over 170 job titles at UMass Memorial Hospital. We take pride in our work. Check out all of the things we do to take care of Central Massachusetts . . .


There’s no community like SHARE.

We strive . . . in over 170 distinct job titles.

We link our hospital community together.

We work the front lines.

Every day. All day.

Every night. All night.

We work hard.

We know.

We’re a unique information network.

We listen to patients.

We provide essential expertise.

We care.

We believe kindness and respect transform lives.

We get our hospital paid.

We tell our stories.

We compare our knowledge to improve.

We collaborate.

Every department in our hospital relies on SHARE members to keep our hospital running smoothly.

We work closely with house cleaners, and researchers, and food service workers, and nurses, and doctors, and biomedical engineers, and administrators, and many others to get the job done.

We love our patients.

And they depend on us.

We are over 2600 members strong.

That’s why we’re SHARE-Proud.