The Current Contract

SHARE’s latest agreement with UMass Memorial, described here, is in effect until 9/30/2022. Among other things, this agreement:

  • preserves the structure of our Health Insurance and Pension for all SHARE members;

  • provides consistent, predictable raises totaling over 12% in four years;

  • provides more opportunity to participate in decision-making at work by expanding Unit-Based Teams;

  • aims to reduce the stresses of work by providing clearer break language, and ways to address concerns about workload and staffing levels in your department; and

  • would not have been possible without the participation of so many SHARE members staying involved in the conversation and making clear how much we value our patients, ourselves, and the important work all 2700 SHARE members do to keep our hospital going strong.


On this page, you’ll find quick links to all of the pieces of the current contract.

The language of the new agreement is still being collated and incorporated into the existing policies. When that is done, SHARE will distribute new hard copies of the contract to members, and streamline this page.

Additionally, you can find answers on this site to many Frequently Asked Questions about the Contract and about Raises.

We revisit many of the most popular subjects on the SHARE blog, updating the information as we go along, and explaining useful background in greater detail.

Of course, for help with any question, you can always contact your local SHARE Rep, or the SHARE office (508-929-4020).