The SHARE executive board members come from all over our hospitals, but they share a passion for the union and connecting with SHARE members!


Jay Hagan, CT Tech

Co-President, Memorial Campus

"I got involved with the union as a rep, then the executive board, and now I'm a co-president. I think the union is the best thing that's ever happened to us at work. Things have totally changed since the union's come in, and it just continues to get better." 


Rita Caputo, ASR, Primary Care Clinic

Co-President, University Campus

"I go way back with the union, since before we even got voted in. I got involved with the union because I wanted us to be more respected at work. I love working with SHARE because people come to me for advice or to ask me questions, and I love being a resource for people and helping out."

Deb C.jpg

Deb Clark, Unit Secretary, CDU, University


"I've been involved with the union since it started, over 20 years ago now. I got involved mainly to fight for fairness for all the employees here at UMass, and I stay on with the union because I like to help my coworkers, be a resource, and help my coworkers find solutions to the issues they have at work."


Kathy Girouard, Coding Specialist, Billing, University


"I’ve always liked that the problem-solving that we do with SHARE is different from traditional grievance procedures. Being a SHARE rep, you learn to be a better listener. If you’re doing problem-solving or representing a member in a discipline meeting, you learn pretty quick that there are two sides to every story. Or three sides!"


Andrea Bohm, Respiratory Therapist

Memorial Campus

"I initially got involved with the union because I was interested in bettering the future of the hospital. I think the union is the best way to protect the rights of workers and management, providing mediation and clear guidelines so everyone can be treated fairly. Most of all, I like being able to help people when they have questions and don't know who to go to."


Angela Robert, PCA, Cardiovascular Clinic

University Campus

“I began to get involved with the SHARE Union as a Union Rep a few years after becoming a SHARE union member. I quickly learned how this organization is not only a group that helps to negotiate for safe and fair paying jobs, but they are also a group of people that are respectful and compassionate and treat its members like family. I am enthusiastic to be a part of it now as an Executive Board Member.”


Joel Masley, Respiratory Therapist

University Campus

"As a member of SHARE and serving on the Executive Board, I hope to guide the idea of UMass Memorial Hospital being 'the best place to give care and the best place to get care.' I hope to make an impact by combining insight from employee suggestions and building a healthy symbiotic relationship with the hospital's management team by utilizing all our collective knowledge to attain this goal."


Laura Welch, LPN, Urogynecology

Memorial Campus

"I've been working at UMass for 11 years, on the floors, in Urology, and now in Urogyn. It's important to me how the union protects employees but also makes space for conversation between management and staff. We have the opportunity to create agreement rather than adversarialism."


Nancy Bickford, Unit Secretary, West 3

Memorial Campus

"SHARE gives you a voice! They listen to the front-line workers with concerns about everything from wages to job security, job advancement, and working bare bones. They try to resolve issues with management in a non-confrontational way, while negotiating and respecting all levels of employees. That's why I like working with SHARE."


Sheldon Brown, A/R Follow-up Specialist, Billing

306 Belmont Street

"I've worked in Billing since 2001; I've been a SHARE rep for a long time and more recently joined the Executive Board as well. I enjoy and value all of my work with the union, and I especially appreciate developing a better understanding of decision-making processes at the hospital."


Tony Martocci, Senior Administrator, Cardiovascular Medicine

University Campus

"I became involved in the union when I was approached to become a rep, and I've since progressed to the executive board. I especially like being involved in the union during contract negotiations--I know that my input can make a difference!"


Tracy O'Donnell, Senior Administrator, Hospital Medicine

Memorial Campus

"I have been a rep for two or three years before joining the executive board. I got involved because I thought I could help people who had questions and be a resource. My favorite thing about being in the union is finding out more about what our rights are as employees and connecting with other SHARE members."


Tyler Knapp, Registration Representative, Emergency Department

University Campus

"I was apprehensive to even accept my position, as I had never been in a union before. But getting more involved with SHARE has provided me lots of opportunity to help improve daily work life for my co-workers."