If there is no rep listed for your department, feel free to talk to a rep who works nearby. Or, you can reach your staff organizer at SHARE by contacting our office.


Angiography: David Leveille

BMTU: Sylvia Reindorf

Breast Center: Tammy Berry

Cat Scan: Jen O'Loughlin

Communication Center: Brian Cotoni

Emergency Room: Denise Page

Heart & Vascular: Sue Maddalena

Interpreter Services: Yamilka Velazquez, Milka Gonzalez

Lung and Allergy Center: Betty Maurais

Neurodiagnostic Center: Nancy Bellantoni

Neurology Clinic: Luz Gomez

Nursing 3 West: Kona Enders

Oncology Clinic: Kellie Morton

Palliative Care: Deb Horgan

Radiation Oncology: Marie Marley

Registration: Megan McPherson

Renal Medicine: Megan Bosworth

Respiratory Therapy: Tracey Zaczek, Jen Wright 

Surgical ASG: April McIntyre

Trauma Services: Stephanie Pepi

X-Ray: Rich Leufstedt


Community Women's Care: Destiny Puerto

Emergency Room: Kim Duncan (1st shift), Hamid Sedu (2nd shift)

Infectious Disease: Larry Madden

Mammography: Leah Berthiaume

OBGYN: Gwen Bultron

Perinatology: Christina Vanderburgh

Presurgical Evaluation Clinic: Kara Stapinski

Registration: Brichelle Soto Guerrero, Armon Rad, Donna Barton

Surgical Oncology: Susan Prunier

Vascular Lab: Kim Latrobe

X-Ray: Jessica Joslyn, Claudia Twum

67 Belmont: Cheryl Ferriter


Plastic Surgery: Pam O'Brien

Psych Services Clinic: Wanda Dyer

Mammography: Eleanor Beshai, Julie Dingui

Medical Staff Administration: Kelly Rawlston

Worcester Business center

Financial Clearance: Nicole Bragg, Lauren Goyco

Scheduling Services: Jackie Brammer, Susan Johnson, Jen Mensah, Karyn Sanchez, Phil Berry, Katie Kornitsky

306 Belmont

Medical Specialties: Christean Hughes

Patient Financial Services: Laurie Abernathy

Payment Posting: Kate Richardson

Other locations

Barre: Joanie Pulnik

Biotech 3: Nicole Ninteau

Tri-River: Mary Misiaszek